[Print out and mail with check to the address listed. Membership is open to all local church archivist/historians, as well as church members and the community interested in United Methodist history in Oklahoma. Make checks payable to OUMHS]

Oklahoma United Methodist Historical Society 2015-2016 Membership Form 
Membership Dues: $10.00 for the conference year    

Name:  ____________________________________________________________ 

Address: ____________________________________________________________ 

Telephone (s): ____________________________________________________________ 

E-mail:  ________________________________________________________________ 

Note:  To save on postal costs, Society communications will be by e-mail, unless you advise otherwise.  

Make checks payable to:  “OUMHS”

and mail to:

Christina Wolf,
Archivist Oklahoma City University
2501 N Blackwelder
Oklahoma City OK 73106
Purpose of the OUMHS: 

1. To work with the Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Annual Conferences’ Commissions on Archives and History in the collection and preservation of materials related to the history of The United Methodist Church and its antecedents.

2. To promote research, writing, and publication in the field.

3. To locate and support the preservation of appropriate sites of historical interest within the conferences.

4. To develop interest in United Methodist history and skills for pursuing it among local church historians and others.

5. To develop and promote observances of historical anniversaries and other

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